Alex @ Eastwest Bank San Diego Branch


We very much appreciate the attention to details that Elite Cleaning Service does in Cleaning.  Our offices, Bath rooms and open areas are always spotless and odor free.  Thank you Elite Cleaning Service for a job well done.   



Imelda @ Dutek


What we find most impressive about Elite Cleaning Service is that you have the same Employee arrive every day and every week to clean.  You don't know how  important this is to our company to see the same person continually, who know the site and the work habits of the employees.  We are also very pleased with the cleaning that is performed.  It always  meets our expectation.




Stephen @ Latitude Pharmaceuticals


Just a quick note to say how much we appreciate the excellent cleaning service given by Elite Cleaning Service.  Sergio is always here with the crew and walk them through the extra jobs we need completed.  Sergio is always here the following morning for a walk through to make sure we are satisfied, Elite Cleaning always meet our expectation.



Jenny Z


Cleaning becomes a headache to us after we had our lovely dog.  She always messes up the house and left her hair everywhere.  We have to struggle with the hair, the smell and the messy.  After we hire Elite Cleaning Service to clean our house every week, life becomes much easier for us.  They always arrive on time and cleans in a fast and professional way.  Elite Cleaning Service, Way to go!



Richard H


I started to use Elite Cleaning Service when my old cleaning lady told me that she can not come to clean my house any more.  I was so impressed by the professional way they cleaned my house, especially the kitchen.  They did a wonderful job and always left my house with freshness not a room filled with strong chemical smells.  Thank you Elite Cleaning Service!



Hong Y


I was so shocked when I hired Elite Cleaning Service to clean my house.  They made my full stained bathrooms glass shower doors shining as new.  I tried several ways and can never figure out how to remove the stains on the glass shower door.  They definitely know what they are doing and make it shine again.  Great job!



Hong L


I love the way they cleaned our old barbecue stove in the backyard.  That stove has stayed there for several years with full of rusty and oily stains on the rail.  They did a magical work and make it looks like new after cleaning.  


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